Thermal Series

Thermal Series


Paint finish: All Thermal Series sectional doors are painted in New Zealand’s favourite steel colours with options available to customise your colour choice. The Thermal Series paint system includes a 5 year warranty.
Powdercoated hardware: Brackets and connecting hardware are powdercoated. This includes roller carriers, hinges, tracks and bearing brackets 
Wairakei doors have a light orange peel textured surface. All panels are made with a steel skin on each face and filled with PUR insulation foam to create a strong lightweight door. Panels have a nominal insulation R-value of 2.0. 


Thermal Series sectional doors are manufactured with double skin 0.32 BMT steel and PUR insulation foam ensuring an energy efficient home. 


Folded 0.95 heavy gauge steel
Insulation compatible
Merlin Commander Elite
opener recommended

They are available with generous warranties from your local Merlin Dealer.


Colours shown here are a representation only. Please refer to the product sample for accurate matching. Consult your dealer for additional colour choices.